According to the Second Life wiki page about Corsica, the continent was originally created to be a French continent, named after the French island of Corsica. But like Satori and Jeogeot, Corsica has ended up being more international with English as the dominant language.

Corsica is completely surrounded by navigable waters, and it's broken into sections by several water channels and bays, with a few islands around its perimeter. The surrounding oceans make it possible to sail from Corsica to Gaeta 5, Nautilus and even Satori by way of three Transcontinental Channels and the Blake Sea. I've personally made the trip from Satori to Corsica, and while navigating between the two continets was a bit challenging, it was a lot of fun and well worth the effort. Please see my blog post from May 09, 2020 for more about my trip.

Corsica has one large lamd mass in the east, which is is home to a long roadway called Circuit La Corse, and a smaller landmass in the west where Rote 11 is located. Circuit La Corse makes a complete loop around a major part of the eastern half of Corsice, with 2 side roads that cut across the interior to meet with the main road on the other side of the loop. Route 11 is much shorter, doesn't connect to itself in a loop and has a couple of submerged sections. The maps shown below are rather dated, but they were the best I could find.

Road Maps of Corsica

Road Map of Corsica
Road Map of Circuit La Corse

Road Guides for Corsica

Let's hit the road!