Heterocera has lots to offer to travelers! It's home to Routes 1-6, the Great Wall, several side-roads and a Railroad. In addition, it has many waterways and is even connected by water to the continent of Sansara (ut oh, sounds like I might need to make Second Seas next, lol). If you only have time to visit just one continent, this should be the one.

Heterocera is a large atoll, with plenty of water views and has a variety of terrain from flatlands to low rolling hills to a mountain range featuring the tallest peaks in all of SL. When I traveled from the south western corner of Heterocera to the north east, I noticed a definite change in terrain and environment. This is definitely a fun continent to explore.

If you want to tour the entire continent on one continuous road, I would suggest starting at Big Junction (listed in my travel guides) and following Route 1 as it loops around the entire atoll. Route 1 finally ends at an un-named road and bridge (shown on this map as "Aged Wooden Bridge Road", but inworld simpy says "Protected Land") that goes across the bay and ends at a much earlier point on Route 1, albeit not quite at its beginning. The railway also offers a loop around the entire atoll, but doesn’t go across the bay.

I’ve put together drive guides for each of the Routes and all the side-roads on Heterocera. I tried to put together drives that will take you along all of the roads, with as little back-tracking as possible, but there are so many roads on this continent that it’s not always possible. There is also a page of important intersections and starting/ending points. If you need more information on how to use the travel guides, please check out the how-to page. Be sure to check out the Tips for Travelers section as well for tips to make your road-trip more enjoyable.

Road Map of Heterocera

Road Map of Heterocera
Road Map of Heterocera

This is the most complete, most recent map of Heterocera I could find. It's kinda ugly, but its useful. If you have a more up to date map, please feel free to contact me inworld!

Road Guides for Heterocera

Let's hit the road!