Satori, aka “The Japanese Continent”

I’ve read different accounts are to why this continent is nicknamed the Japanese Continent. One version claimed that the continent is roughly the same shape as Japan, if Japan was one big land mass and not a chain islands. The Second Life wiki claims that “it was first created as a Japanese continent”. In either case, Satori seems as international as most other places in SL (I saw several Canadian flags on my travels), but there are a few Japanese themed places here. Japan Hiroba, a Japanese themed hangout which often appears in SL’s Destinations guide, is located in the southern part of the continent along Route 8, and the Japanese Town of Takahane is located along Route 8A. I also saw a few random Japanese shrines along the roads as well, but what truly dominates this continent are GTFO hubs!

GTFO! Its not what you think

The World Headquarters of the GTFO (Get the Freight Out) game are located in the northern half of Satori, along Route 8, and the game has spread with GTFO Hubs all over this continent! You can find more information about the game here. I don’t personally play this game, nor am I endorsing it, but I’m including this info simply because GTFO encourages people to use the wonderful roads that Linden Labs provided for us, which is exactly what Seconds Highways was created to do.

New Challenges

Each new continent I visit seems to offer new travel challenges, and Satori kept up the trend. On Route 8 there was a bridge out, which was just a minor inconvenience, but I also ran across something I had never seen before… teleport tunnels. Route 8 and 8A both have large gaps in them, dividing them both into 2 sections. According to the SL Wiki, the gaps are “due to mistakes when the land was divided as the regions were brought online”. To “fix” the problem, Linden Labs added tunnels or billboards at the dead ends; these can be clicked on to teleport to the next section of the road. This too is a minor inconvenience, but I was a bit perplexed when I got to the first tunnel. Luckily I was given instructions on what to do when I entered the tunnel, so I was soon on my way again.

The southern part of Satori is less densely populated than the northern half, but its no barren wasteland either. Overall, this continent seems very lively and active. I encountered many more travelers on the road here than on Gaeta 5 or Heterocera. I had a lot of fun on Satori, and highly recommend it to all.

Road Map of Satori

Road Map of Gaeta 5

Road Guides for Satori

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