Greetings readers and roadtrippers! My name is Bloo Ansar; I'm a resident of Second Life, and I'd like to start out with an explanation of what Second Highways is about, and why I'm creating it.

Here's a quickie overview of what this site is about: Second Highways is a result of my many travels over the highways and roads of Second Life. The intent is to encourage more people to get out and explore SL by including lots of useful information about the various continents and road routes, making it easier for SL residents to get out on the road. Second Highways is also intended to be a sister project (or maybe even a by-product) of an art project I'm working on in Second life. Don't click your back button, this site isn't about art, lol.

Why did I create Second Highways?

I've been a resident of Second Life for quite some time now and I've noticed something; a pattern that I suspect many long time residents have experienced. When I first joined SL, I did a lot of exploring, because it was all new and exciting and I didn't have any favorite places yet. I just wanted to see what this world had to offer, but of course, that changed over time. I began to find favorite stores, hang-outs and clubs. I began to make friends who hung out in particular places too, so as the socializing began to increase, the variety of places I visited decreased. Eventually I opened an art gallery inworld, and became a DJ too, which further limited the types of places I would visit (e.g. art galleries and night clubs).

I also noticed that a good deal of my time was spent on islands and estate sims, and not on Second Life's mainland. Most nightclubs and hotspots seem to be on islands, so that is where I gravitated. I finally realized that I had been inworld a long time, but had still seen so little of it; the lure of the open road began to call to me.

I knew Second Life's mainland existed, and I knew there were some highways on it, but that was all. I began to wonder just what was "the mainland", how big was it, what was on it, how many highways there were, and how far they went. Were the highways just a few short roads, or an entire highway system? I began to do some research on the Second Life wiki and by visiting a few places inworld, and wow, was I surprised!

A quick overview of what I discovered:

  • First, the so-called "mainland" is not just one place! That name is used as a collective term for 14 different continents! Yes, Continents, and lots of 'em including a mega-continent! You can read more about them here: Second Life List of Continents
  • Secondly, there are road routes on all or most of the public continents! Yay, that's a lot of roads to travel. You can read more about them here: Second Life Road Network Directory, and here: Linden Department of Public Works Roads
  • The continent of Heterocera alone has 6 Road Routes, many side roads and a Rail Road! You can do a lot of traveling without ever leaving.

And then?

As I mentioned before, I had an art project in mind involving travel in Second Life, and I decided that I needed to go on an extended road-trip as research for it. The project then began to grow in scope as I decided I needed to document my travels, but that documentation quickly grew beyond what was truly useful to the original project, and that's when Second Highways was born. I decided I wanted to create this site as a companion piece to the original project, and to share the information I had collected.

The basic gist of the above gibberish is... ROAD TRIP! Woooooot! =^.^=

I hope you'll join me out on the highways and roads of Second Life, and to help you get started, Second Highways is going to include:

  • Road maps
  • Descriptions of the various road routes with road maps
  • Lots and lots of SLURLs of end points of the various roads and routes, and rez zones along them
  • SLURLs of interesting landmarks to see along your way
  • And the best part of all, the Second Highways Blog, featuring my babblings, er, I mean my thoughts, impressions and experiences!

Contact me

Please feel free to contact me about anything related to this site, or travel in Second Life. Send your comments, questions, suggestions of interesting places, etc., but please be friendly!

To contact me, send a notecard inworld to Bloo Ansar, and let me know you've been using this site! Thanks... Mmmmwah!

Let's hit the road!