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How to use the Drive Guides

Second Highways features lots and lots of SLURLs (Second Life URLs) of various points along the various roads and routes of the mainland. You can click on these SLURLs to get a landmark in your Second Life viewer to go to the corresponding place. I've organized the SLURLs into lists that I call my Drive Guides, and created (or in process of creating) guides for all of the numbered Routes, and many of the named and unnamed roads as well.

Each Drive Guide starts with a brief description of a drive you can take on a particular road (or roads), and the direction you will be traveling. After the description is a list of the SLURLs for the drive, listed in order starting at one end of the road, and finishing at the other end. In between are various other points along the way, such as rez zones, and other points of interest.

In case I need to hit you over the head with the usefulness of these lists, here is what you can do with them...

  • Easily find the starting/end points of a particular road; if you're like me, then you prefer starting at one end of a road and traveling the entire distance, rather than randomly starting in the middle.
  • Find a rez zone at or near the place you want to start traveling. Unless you want to hoof it, you need to rez your vehicle.
  • Find a rez zone near where you just crashed and lost your vehicle, lol.
  • Plan your trips
  • Help to avoid getting lost (although sometimes getting lost can be even more fun).

About the places I've chosen to list in the guides

I've tried to include places that I think will be the most helpful and useful to your travels, and also places that hopefully won't change or disappear anytime soon. That being said, the most obvious choices are junctions, intersections and starting/end points of roads, along with rez zones, and other Linden created landmarks such as train stations. In some cases I have also included places created by other SL residents, but I've included them sparingly, because of the ever changing nature of user created Second Life.

I've included a few commercial landmarks as well, but generally avoid them unless they offer something interesting and unique to see, and are more than just a mere store. A great example of an interesting commercial location is the Giant Robot store out on Route 1. Giant robots on display are not somethign you come across everyday and on every road, and I enjoyed seeing them. If you feel your place would be a good addition to my drive guides, please send a notecard inworld to Bloo Ansar with a description and SLURL, however I make no guarantees that it will be included.

I hope the Drive Guides will help to make your journeys easier and more enjoyable. If you find innacuracies or or know of a place that you feel should be added, please send me a notecard inworld with all the pertinent information. =^.^=

Let's hit the road!