Route 7 is a pleasant drive mostly along the coast of Gaeta, with lots of rez zones along the way. In fact, there is often one rez zone per sim, and they are right on the sim edges, so they also point out sim crossings (some rez zones didn't work for me).

When it came time to build Route 7, the Linden Department of Works decided to get creative with it. Route 7 makes an entire loop around the continenet of Gaeta 5, but you can't just drive it non-stop because six different sections are actually underwater. The sections shown in red and yellow on the map are paved roads, while the gaps between them are the submerged stretches. You could simply ignore the underwater parts, or take up your vehicle and fly over them, but for the full experience, I recommend a small boat or an amphibious car. I chose an amphibious car so I could simply keep driving, err um, sailing, and I was able to travel the entire loop of the continent.

If you decide to sail these waters, I strongly recommend you use a smaller, slower vehicle, because you won't be sailing in open ocean. Most of the water sections of Route 7 are in narrow channels that require an easily manueverable vehicle. I tried a jetski at first, which was much too fast and hard to control in this situation. Then I tried my large sailboat and did successfully navigate one section under power, but it was sloooooow going. I finally settled on a wonderful little amphibious car and had a lot of fun :) I especially enjoyed just driving off the ends of docks, and several times I noticed other residents staring as I sailed away (I saw their look-at tragets on my car, lol).

Route 7 Driveguide

This guide starts at the intersection of Route 7 with Route 7B, and has a Rez Zone, making it an ideal starting point. I could have started anywhere on Route 7 as it makes a complete loop around the continent, but this is a convenient landmark.

Blue background indicates a submerged section of Route 7

Let's hit the road!