This page is your quick reference guide for SLURLs of end points of all the major road routes on Heterocera and rez zones near those points (for SLURLs of the minor roads, please see the other Heterocera travel guides). I find its much more enjoyable to start at one end of a road and travel its entire distance, rather than randomly starting in the middle (but that's just me). You can use this SLURL list as a conveninet way to quickly find places to start your drives. Be sure to refer to the Heterocera road map for more information.

Big Junction

Of all the intersections and road end points on Heterocera, Big Junction is probably the most important, or the most useful because it's an end point of 4 different roads, and a great way to start several different rides. Head east for Route 1, northwest for Park Way, northeast for Sandgrass Road, and southeast for Dierli Landing Road.

  • Big Junction Rez Zone (4-way intersection and end points of Route 1, Park Way, Sandgrass Road and Dierli Landing Road)

Route 1

Route 2

Route 3

Route 4 (Northern section)

Route 4 (Southern section)

Route 5

Route 6

The Great Wall

Let's hit the road!