This drive starts at Big Junction on the Southern end of Route 1, following it east, then north to follow along the inner coast of the Atoll. About halfway you can take a detour onto Atoll road to loop around an inner island in the middle of the bay. Take another detour and hop onto Traverse Road to reach the inner Atoll Road which skirts the edges of a large lake in the center of the island. You can finally work your way back out to Route 1 and continue southeast passing the intersection with Route 5, and finally driving across the bridge across the bay to meet back up with the Western side of Route 1.

Route 1 is well named as it gives a good overview of the entire continenet in (almost) one road :)

Route 1

Wooden Bridge Road

When you reach the end of Route 1 and intersection with Route 5, head southwest on the un-named road (called Aged Wooden Bridge Road on the Heterocera map) to get to the bridge that goes across the bay formed by the atoll. The bridge ends at regular roadway before reaching the western side of Route 1. Definitely a worthwhile ride.

Atoll Road Outer Loop

Traverse Road

Traverse Roadruns between the inner and outer loops of Atoll Road

Atoll Road Inner Loop

Let's hit the road!