I enjoyed my drive on Route 3. The roads seemed more modern than some of the others, and had some interesting builds alongside. The Intersection of Route 3 and 3a is a roundabout, with a large industrial complex around it. Some nice hills to drive up as well. Route 3 is not a long ride by itself, but combined with 3a, 3b and 3.5, you will do a good bit of exploring.

This drive starts at the western end of Route 3 and goes around the northern side of the Atoll to end up on the eastern side. The closest Rez zone to this starting point is on Route 2. From the rez zone, go north; soon after you will ride over a short bridge, then continue going straight and you will be on Route 3 (Route 2 is the left turn after the bridge). The eastern end of Route 3 dead ends at Tussock Rail Yard. The SLRR Tussock Station is nearby within walking distance, so you can go catch a train from here.

Route 3

Route 3a

Route 3a is shortish offshoot of Route 3 that runs roughly North and South. After passing Aluveaux Technologies, the roadsides become a bit less populated, and the route finally dead ends at the Pyri Funfair box office. I'm not sure what the Pyri funfair is, but the box office is here :D

Route 3b Landmarks

Route 3b is very short offshoot of Route 3 that dead ends at an SLRR rail line.

Route 3.5 Landmarks

An offshoot of Route 3 that runs roughly parallel to it. Route 3.5 merges with Route 4 for a short distance, then continues on its own until it meets back up and merges onto Route 3 again.

Let's hit the road!