Route 5 is a shorter ride that you can easily do all at once. Much of the land along this route is sparsely built up, but its still a pleasant ride with lots of views of Heterocera's eastern outer coast. The southwest end of Route 5 starts at an intersection with un-named roadway, but its just a short distance from the eastern end of Route 1. From here you can go southwest to go across the bay back to the western side of Route 1, north back to the eastern end of Route 1, or go east on Route 5. There is a gas station and rez zone at this intersection, so you can start right here. Sim crossings are not marked for approximately the first third of the route, and there are also no rez zones (after the gas station) until you get to the SL Railway line.

The northern end of Route 5 ends at the Melanthia SLRR Station, and the TAG Public Airport. There are a few things to see here, or you can catch a ride on the rail road. Watch out for the self driving taxi cab in the parking lot!

Route 5

Let's hit the road!