The great wall is, as you might expect, a huge wall. It also has a roadway on top. I've lumped it together with Route 6 because The Great Wall ends at the western end of Route 6. You can ride on top of the Great Wall, or down inside of it, but I wouldn't reccomend inside. Inside there are several stairwell openings with no guard rails, and I managed to fall into one of them on my scooter. I suppose a car would do better, lol.

The southern end of the wall starts at a giant Egyption-ish temple located on Robin Loop. The Roadway itself connects to the roof of the temple, and there is a rez zone up there to the left of the reflecting pool. You may have a little trouble getting across the reflecting pool to the road, but just be resourceful ;)

Route 6 is also known as "The High Mountain Road" as it clings to the sides of some of the tallest peaks in Second Life. This road is a pleasant, rustic drive through wooded areas and covered bridges and tunnels. It has a surprising number of buildings along its path, considering the tall mountainsides it travels along. Definitely a fitting end to all of the road routes available on Heterocera.

The southeastern end of Route 6 dead ends at some private property, but the SLRR Pavonia Station is a short distance staight ahead, so you can catch a train from here :)

Great Wall landmarks (click to go to the landmark)

Route 6 Landmarks

Let's hit the road!