The continent of Heterocera has a very extensive railway system that you can ride to explore much of the continent. The main line roughly parallels Route 1 along most of its distance, but travels much further south and east of Route 1. The railway is a great way to explore; there are automated trains and trolley cars you can ride (much like the pods that roam the road routes), or you can purchase or even build your own train to run on these tracks. When you ride the rails you can just sit back and relax with no steering required :)

The main line has 16 official Linden stations, each with a rez zone, and there are several user built stations too. In addition to the main line, there are several branch lines, so there are lots of rails to ride. I started my rail journey at the Tuliptree Station in the south of Heterocera and followed the rails north then east all the way around the atoll and finally ending at Bhaga Station in the south-east corner. I haven't had a chance to try the branch lines yet, so please let me know if you try them out!

I wanted to mention the railway since it is another great way to explore this continent, but I'm not going to write about it extensively, as Second Highays is more about road travel. There is lots of information about the SLRR available on the Second Life Wiki if you want to know more :)

My Rail Scooter!

Since I ride the roads on a lil turquoise scooter, I just had to get this rail-scooter to ride the rails!

Let's hit the road!