Route 10 is a long meandering road that starts and ends at an intersection with Route 9, and also crosses over it once in another spot. Along the way it also passes Wellington Road, the very short "Off Road Route" and "The Shortcut". This is probably the road most commuters would take to get all over Jeogeot, if there were commuters, lol. There are a few GTFO Hubs on Jeogeot, so Route 10 could be very helpful to them.

Route 10 Drive Guide

This trip starts at the Southwest tip of Route 10 and travels its entire length before traveling briefly on Route 9 to Northern Spur Road. From there you turn northward and end up at the northern most end of Northern Spur Road, and as far north that we can travel by road on Jeogeot.

Next, turn left and go a short distance on Route 9, then turn right on Northern Spur Road.

Northern Spur Road Drive Guide

Northern Spur Road is not a very long road, but it takes you as far north that you can go on Jeogeot by car; after that you're hoofing it! ;) Northern Spur Road has lots of sim crossing warnign signs, so keep your eyes out for them and slow down for the crossings!

The northern end of Northern Spur Road is not terribly exciting, but there IS a dolphin statue at the very end, which is odd, because the ocean is nowhere close, LOL.

Let's hit the road!