Route 9 is a very long road that makes a complete loop around most of Jeogeot. It has some elevation changes and a few steep hills, and includes landmarks such as the underwater Deongseo Tunnel and Lordshore Bridge. While not a very challenging drive, Route 9 is a fun and substantial road trip.

Route 9 has some of my favorite type of rez zone, the type that has a little pull off to the side of the main road with a park bench; almost like a mini rest area. I hadn't seen any of these since way back on Route 2, so it was a pleasant surprise. Many of Route 9's rez zones are located adjacent to sim crossings, but not all of them, so be sure to take things a little slower to reduce sim crossing lag.

Route 9 Drive Guide

This guide starts at the intersection of Routes 9 and 9A, traveling south west at first, and making the entire loop around Jeogeot. When you complete the loop and get back to where you started, you can take Route 9A to explore up into the Northern Peninsula of the continent.

Back to where we started! Now on to Route 9A =^.^=

Route 9A Drive Guide

Starting at the intersection of Route 9 and 9A, head west for 9A. After heading west a bit, then south, Route 9A eventually turns and heads north and goes about half way up the western side of Jeogeot's northern peninsula.

Not a very exciting ending, just a barrier with a "Road Ends" sign, but you can see the ocean off in the distance.

Let's hit the road!