Wellington Road is a cute side road with older style grey brick paving. It runs through the interior of the lower half of Jeogeot, and connects Route 10 to "The Shortcut", which connects back to both Routes 9 and 10. Wellington Road is mostly residential along its path, but gets a little more commercial on the northeastern end. Both the rez zones and sim crossings are well marked; sim crossing are marked with Wellington Road road signs, and rez zones have a little turn out with a picnic table.

Wellington Road Drive Guide

This guide starts at the southwestern end of Wellington Road at an intersection with Route 10, and ends at The Shortcut.

Shortcut Junction Rez Zone is the northeastern end of Wellington Road, and approximately the midpoint of Shortcut road, a short road that runs east and west connecting Routes 9 and 10. From this point, turn left to head over to Route 9, or go straight to get to Route 10.

"The Shortcut" Drive Guide

The Shortcut is a short road that connects Routes 9 and 10. This guide starts at Route 10, heads west through the interior of Jeogeot and ends at Route 9. There is lots of open space along this road, and few builds.

The western end of "The Shortcut" ends at Route 9

Let's hit the road!