Route 8 is a very long road that covers quite a large part of the continent, although not all of it. Starting near the southernmost tip of Satori, it heads northeast almost to the northenrnmost tip, then heads westward, and finally southwest. There is one gap in Route 8 that you can get past using teleport tunnels at the beginning end end of the gap; rez zones are provided at these tunnels.

Route 8 has plenty of rez zones spaced regularly along the way, and like some of the other road routes, Route 8's rez zones are usually on the edges of sims, so the rez zone signs can alert you to impending sim crossings. The roads on Satori are much more modern looking than those of Heterocera, but that doesn't mean Heterocera's aren't as good! The beginning stretch of Route 8 is not very built up, although it is not completely empty either, so it offers some lovely views along your way. The northen part of the continent is much more populated and has more construction along the roadsides.

Route 8 - the big half

This guide starts at the southern end of Route 8, which is almost at the southernmost tip of Satori, and heads north. There is a rez zone at this point, and a map of the continent and road routes to help you get started. This is a very long road guide, for a long road with lots of stuff on it.

Just beyond this rez zone is the end of this section of Route 8; even though the map shows Route 8 continuing beyond this point, there is actually a gap in it. At this end there is also what appears to be a tunnel, but it doesn't actually go anywhere. It reminds me of the old Road Runner cartoons when the Coyote would paint a picture of a tunnel on a giant rock; the Road Runner could run through it, but you, me, and the coyote can’t, lol!

This is actually a teleport tunnel, and so far, in all my travels, a tunnel like this seems to be unique to Satori. Inside the tunnel are some instructions posted that say "To get to the other side, touch the lantern and follow the teleport". The same instructions are also repeated in local chat.

Click either of the lanterns on the sides of the tunnel to open the world map, which will show where the road continues. Click on the red circle on the map, and you will be teleported there (I use Firestorm viewer, not sure how it works on other viewers). Be sure to pick up your vehicle first; there will be a rez zone on the other side. Or simply click on the SLURL below for the next rez zone listed here.

Route 8 - the little half

The end of this ride seemed a little anti-climactic compared to other routes I've ridden, as it didn't end at an interesting view or place. Purrrhaps if I had started at the northern end and worked my way South it would have been more interesting. Ah well, its the journey and not the destination that's important. Now on to Route 8A!

Let's hit the road!