The two sections of Route 8A together make up the second longest road on Satori. Each half is fairly short ride, but together they are still less than half of Route 8. Route 8A also has some elevation changes, but nothing you can't handle =^.^=

This guide starts at the southern end of the southern section of Route 8A, which is divided into 2 sections, with a large gap in between. To start, use the rez zone located on Route 8, a short distance to the north of this intersection. Like Route 8, 8A has lots to see, and many GTFO Hubs; I also spotted a Hotel with skybox rooms you can rent for 2 hours or less... for those times when you need a skybox for 2 hours or less! *wink*

Southern section of Route 8A

This isn't a very exciting end point, just a dead end at The Dead End Diner, lol. There are also two bill boards that can teleport you to Old Wagon Road, or to the next section of Route 8A (billboard on left). Click them, they're fun! ;)

Northern section of Route 8A

Lots of open spaces and views on the opening stretch of the southern end of the northern section of Route 8A. From this starting point you can head NE on Route 8A, or click the lanterns on either side of the tunnel to teleport to the southern section of 8A.

From here you can go east or west for Route 8, or turn around and go south on Route 8A.

Let's hit the road!