Route 8B is a short, easy ride, that starts from an intersection with Route 8, crosses over Route 8A and ends in roughly the center of Satori. There is a teleport billboard at the end to take you to Old Wagon Road, which is a very short section of dirt road. I'm including Old Wagon Road here simply because it exists, and is a named, Linden road. Check it out, it wont' take you long!

Route 8B

This guide starts at the eastern end of Route 8B and heads northeast into the interior of Satori. The beginning stretch of 8B is very built up with residences until you reach the Furki Rest Area. After that the builds begin to thin out and 8B offers you plenty of open views with some population and structures. 8B is a short, but pleasant drive.

From here you can use a teleport bill board to go to the northern end of Old Wagon Road.

Old Wagon Road

At this end of Old Wagon Road there is a teleport bill board that takes you to the western end of Route 8B.

At the southern end of Old Wagon Road are 2 billboards; if you click the one on the left, you can get to Route 8A, click the one on the right to get to get to the northen end of Route 8C.

Let's hit the road!