Route 8C is a fairly short, pleasant drive. After the submerged section at the beginning of the south eastern end, Route 8C was a very easy drive with no other detours, missing bridges, submerged sections or detours of any kind. Route 8C offers a nice mix of open views, and built up areas, and also a nice mix of hills and elevation changes along the way.

This guide starts at the southern end of Route 8C at an intersection with Route 8, right next to Japan Hiroba. The Route almost immediately becomes submerged, but you can rez a boat and sail across. I got out my amphibious car to travel 8C, and I had a bit of trouble getting it up some steps so I could drive into the water, but I made it! :) The submerged section is not very long, so you wouldn't be missing much if you simply flew over and started your journey where Route 8C comes back on land (see the SLURL below).

Blue background indicates a submerged section of Route 8C

Route 8C ends at another teleport tunnel. Click the lantern on the left to get to the northern end of Route 8, click the one on the right to get to the southern end of Old Wagon Road.

Let's hit the road!