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Sandgrass Road, Dierli Landing, Park Way, Trabala Road, Atoll Coast Road, Hill Street and one un-named road.

This guide covers a handful of side roads that span a large area of south-western Heterocera. The drive starts at the intersection of Sandgrass Road and Robin Loop, takes a slight detour onto Dierli Landing, then backtracks to Parkway. From Parkway you go out to Atoll Coast Road, and ultimately end up on Route 2. There are a few other side roads along this route as well. The drive described below could be an alternate start to your Route 2 adventure, or just a leisurely drive on its own.

If this drive guide seems a bit confusing, it's because it is, lol! If you look at the road map of Hetercera, you will see there are many side roads in the south western region of the continenet and there is no one circuit that will take you over all of the roads without either skipping some section, or back-tracking over another.

Of course these guides and maps are here just to help you explore. I definitely encourage you to get and explore and create your own drives; that's what I did!

Sandgrass Road

Sandgrass Road is a short road that runs between Robin Loop and Big Junction. Not much else to say about it, except that it's a convenient way to connect a Route 2 adventure with Route 1, or to visit the many smaller roads of Southwestern Heterocera.

Dierli Landing

Dierli Landing is a very short road that runs between Big Junction and the ocean. Head Southwest from Big Junction and the road dead-ends shortly at the top of a low hill overlooking the ocean. There is a view of a lighthouse, and a public boat rez zone at the bottom of the hill. You can also rez a land vehicle here if need be.

Park Way

Parkway Skirts along the south-western coast of Heterocera. Its not always right on the coast, but certainly follows the general shape of it. Parkway ultimately dead ends at the ocean, but there is nothing special at the end, and no rez zone either. This drive starts you at Big Junction, heads you west, then north.

Trabala Road

Trabala Road is a very short road from Park Way out to the ocean. Trabala ends at the ocean with a rez zone, boat launch and free sailboat rezzer! When I was there, there was also free car rezzer from a car dealer next to the rez zone (although I can't gaurantee its still there now).

Atoll Coast Road

Hill Street

Hill street is very short road that runs between Atoll Coast Road and the intersection of Route 2 with Mock Heather Road. It's a hilly, fun road to ride, but not much on it.

Unnamed road (Atoll Road 2)

If you look on the Heterocera map, you will see a stretch of road marked Atoll Road 2, although when I went through it was simply listed as "Protected Land". Atoll Coast Road becomes this unnamed stretch of road way, and you wouldn't really notice the difference if you weren't paying attention to the name listed at the top of your viewer. This road continues to skirt along the coast, with views of the ocean on your left, and eventually works its way out to Route 2. It's a great way to end (or start) a ride of all of south-western Heterocera's many side roads. Emmelia Rez zone is just a few meters north of the intersection with Route 2.

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