Your guide to the roads of Second Life!

Introduction The Continents The Drive Guides Tips for Travelers Contact Info The continent of Heterocera Route 1, Traverse Road and Atoll Road Route 2 (and several other roads) Southwestern Heterocera Route 3, 3a , 3b and 3.5 Route 4 Route 5 Route 6 and the Great Wall SL Railway on Heterocera Important intersections and road end points The Continent of Gaeta 5 Route 7 Route 7A and 7B The Continent of Satori Route 8 Route 8A Route 8B and Old Wagon Road Route 8C The Continent of Jeogeot Route 9 and 9A Route 10 and Northern Spur Road Wellington Road and "The Shortcut" West Coast Road, The Moleway and an Off-Road Route The Continent of Corsica Route 11 and Magellan Pass Circuit La Corse and its sideroads The Continent of Nautilus Route Route 12, 12A and 12B Route 13 Route 14

West Coast Road

West Coast Road is a short road that runs from Route 9 to a dead end, not quite at the ocean. Not a whole lot on this road.

Western end of West Coat Road, which almost, but doesn't quite make it to the ocean, although you can see it off in the distance.

The Moleway

The Moleway is a short road that runs from Route 9 to a dead end. From this intersection, head southwest for The Moleway, NW/SE for Route 9.

The Moleway ends at a cirular cul de sac, at the edge of some hilly terrain, and an area of Linden Protected Land called Oak Hill Park. I got off my scooter and walked up into the park to look around. Oak Hill Park is pretty, but not very big, and not a lot there.

Off Road Route

Off Road Route is a very short, unpaved route that connects Routes 9 and 10. Its a little hard to see fromthe Routes 9 and 10, but its there. If you decide to travel it, I recommend just walking, and pay attention to what land your viewer says you are on along the way. Navigating this route is a lot like sailing the submerged sections of Route 7, because its hard to follow it with no pavement. Look for a group of trees and walk between them. I'm including Off Road Route merely for completeness, and not because it is very useful or interesting. If you need to get from Route 9 to Route 10 in the southern part of Jeogeot, just fly, lol!

Let's hit the road!