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Jeogeot is one of the larger continents in Second Life, and roughly similar in size to Satori. According to the second life wiki, Jeogeot was the third mainland contient, and originally created to be the Korean continent, but it is much more internationally diverse today.

Jeogeot has large plains in the south, many rolling hills, a few mountains and even a volcano. The roads on Jeogeot also feature the steepest hills I've yet to drive on, and a few other interesting landmarks too. Both Routes 9 and 10 have underwater tunnels; the first I've seen on my travels so far!

Route 9 features Deongseo Tunnel, a very long underwater tunnel that spans 4 sims; definitely worth seeing. You will also find Lordshore Bridge on Route 9, a long, picturesque suspension bridge that features a lookout point with picnic area, so be sure to pack a lunch! Route 10's tunnels and bridges are much shorter by comparison, but still make for some fun landmarks on your adventure :)

In addition to Routes 9 and 10, there are several side roads on Jeogeot including Route 9A and Wellington Road. Some of the side roads provide quick shortcuts between 9 and 10, and others take you up into the furthest reaches of the continent.

Road Map of Jeogeot

Road Map of Jeogeot

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