Your guide to the roads of Second Life!

Introduction The Continents The Drive Guides Tips for Travelers Contact Info The continent of Heterocera Route 1, Traverse Road and Atoll Road Route 2 (and several other roads) Southwestern Heterocera Route 3, 3a , 3b and 3.5 Route 4 Route 5 Route 6 and the Great Wall SL Railway on Heterocera Important intersections and road end points The Continent of Gaeta 5 Route 7 Route 7A and 7B The Continent of Satori Route 8 Route 8A Route 8B and Old Wagon Road Route 8C The Continent of Jeogeot Route 9 and 9A Route 10 and Northern Spur Road Wellington Road and "The Shortcut" West Coast Road, The Moleway and an Off-Road Route The Continent of Corsica Route 11 and Magellan Pass Circuit La Corse and its sideroads The Continent of Nautilus Route Route 12, 12A and 12B Route 13 Route 14

Second Life's "mainland" consists of several different Linden owned continents, however some are open only to premium members. At some point I will get a premium membership so I can check them out, but for now I'm still exploring the public continents. You can read more about the continents here: Second Life List of Continents. You can also read about geographic information here: Second Life Geography. In addition, there are several private continents, some of which have roadways, and I will explore them after I visit all of the Linden Continents.

The Linden Owned continets are listed below in order of the road routes on them, and only continents with roads are included. Please click on each for more information and maps (I haven't explored the unlinked continents yet).

Update 7/2021: The list below is incomplete, as I need to do further research into the newest continent(s). Bellisseria was opened recently featuring new homes for premium members. The homes are arranged in neighborhoods with narrow roads dividing the houses into blocks, like you would find in a typical suburban town. The roads can be driven on, but they are a bit too narrow and curvey for higher speeds. A small nimble vehicle like my Scooter is recommended; I was driving my Amphicar the day I visited, but I had to keep it in first gear most most of the time. I really don't know much yet about the new continents, but I'll provide more information as I learn it.

  • Heterocera: Routes 1-6, the Great Wall and several side roads
  • Gaeta 5: Routes 7, 7A and 7B
  • Satori: Routes 8, 8A, 8B, 8C and Old Wagon Road
  • Jeogeot: Route 9, Route 10 and several other roads.
  • Corsica: Route 11, Magellan Pass, Circuit La Corse
  • Nautilus: Routes 12, 12A, 12B, 13 and 14
  • Sansara
  • Zindra

Let's hop in the car and hit the road!