Your guide to the roads of Second Life!

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Route 2, Robin Loop, Sandhill Sage Road, Mock Heather Road, 3 un-named roads, Satellite Way and Inland Cuttoff

Route 2 is twice as nice, and the northern coast section is perhaps my favorite drive on all of Heterocera. Route 2 starts inland, but eventually works its way to the coast and features some of the most spectacular views on this continent including several lighthouses to be seen along the way. Route 2 is a long ride by itself, but when combined with Robin Loop and Mock Heather road, it will take you some time to travel the entire distance. The views are definitely worth it though, and Route 2 finally dead ends with a beautiful ocean view at Snout Point. Bring your picnic basket because there is a picnic area there, but you may need a coat too, the weather seems unpredicatble as it was snowing when I arrived (and that was in April!).

This drive starts at the intersection of Mock Heather Road and Robin Loop, heading south east around the loop and ultimately back to Mock Heather Road. From there it heads west on Mock Heather to merge onto the south western end of Route 2. Along the way you can also explore some of the side roads that are pointed out in the guide.

If this drive guide seems a bit confusing, it's because it is, lol! If you look at the road map of Hetercera, you will see there are many side roads in the south western region of the continenet and there is no one circuit that will take you over all of the roads without either skipping some section, or back-tracking over another.

Of course these guides and maps are here just to help. I definitely encourage you to get and explore and create your own drives!

Robin Loop

Sandhill Sage Road

Sandhill Sage Road is a very short, and rather unimportant road, but I'm including it here for completeness. It connects Robin Loop with Route 1.

Mock Heather Road

When I rode through, Mock Heather Road seemed sparsely populated and not much stood out or caught my eye, but SL changes quickly, so if you see something fun that should be listed here, please send me a message =^.^=

Un-named Roads 1, 2 and 3

These 3 roads are un-named inworld, but are marked "Atoll Road 3" and "Atoll Road 4" on the map. Sorry for the confusion, but I'm including these for completeness. I consider the forked road to be two roads.

Route 2

Starting on the Soutern end of Route 2, this drive takes you north along the western and northern outer shore of the Atoll. The southern end of Route 2 is sparsely built up with no rez zones for a distance, but the rest of the ride is well worth it.

Satellite Way

Satellite Way is a short road that runs from Satellite Market Square to Route 4

Inland Cuttoff

Inland Cuttoff is a short road that heads inland from Route 2, past Route 4 and ends at a roundabout intersection with Route 3 and 3a. There is a GTFO Hub and rez zone just to the right of the intersection. Aluveaux Technologies is also located here, which is a very large build, and definitely worth seeing.

If you don't already have a vehicle rezzed, then start at Route 2 Rez Zone, Oakworm. From the rez zone, head South a short distance and keep going straight at the turnoff for Route 2. When you start going up hill, you're on the Inland Cutoff.

Let's hit the road!